The Self-Improvement Platform

Vioptima comes:

from the Ancient Greek noun “Βίος” meaning Life and

the Latin adjective “Optimus/Optima/Optimum” meaning Best.


We work both on:

Personal Development


Business Skills.

You can gain 90% of the coaching benefits paying only 3% of the cost.

How We Do It?


The Vioptima platform is a Self-Improvement Platform, based on two Pillars:

A) Personal Development

B) Business Coaching 

The first pillar is the building of a Dynamic Personality, which has Self-Awareness and Self-Confidence.

Through this process we understand who we are, we realise where we want to go and we build faith in ourselves, so that we can overcome obstacles and achieve goals.

We divide the first Pillar of Personal Development into six major topics:

  1. Self-Awareness
  2. Goal Setting
  3. Habits
  4. Time Management
  5. Money Management
  6. Communication Strategies

We divide the second Pillar of Business Coaching into three major topics:

  1. Business Understanding (mini MBA)
  2. Supportive Business Skills and
  3. Creating New Business

The Way To Achieve Your Goals

Self-Improvement Plan


We have a Structured Plan and it has delivered great results


Self-Improvement Library 


Immediate Access to 30 Books:

22 Personal Development Books


8 Business Books


Six (6) Hourly Coaching Sessions


For clarifications of the Model plus Networking with the Community

Lifetime Access to All Platform Features


We already have and we will provide in the near future Features that cost a lot. We expect the monthly cost to be 25 Euro per month.


For the Early Adopters we provide an Opportunity to have FREE, Lifetime Access to our Platform with only 235 Euro (one-off) , instead of 25 Euro per month.



The Only Holistic Plan building on both Sectors of:


1) Personal Development &

2) Business Coaching


We have a clear Plan that blends the Personal Development Tools with the Business Environment producing Real, Tangible Benefits.

Join Today

This is a LIMITED opportunity to become member of the Vioptima Platform with only 235€.

We develop continuously new Tools, Explanatory Videos, Networking Opportunities, Access to Technology Tools, Marketing Support Materials etc that will have a subscription cost of around 25 Euro per Month.

You can immediately have access to 30 Books plus the Self-Improvement Plan (31 pages on PDF) plus Six (6) Coaching Sessions plus LifeTime Access (one-off) to all future Features of the Vioptima Platform, that will normally cost 25 Euro per month.